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RapidMap - Land parcels, aerial photos, address points, and lots of other map information  Launch RapidMap 

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Mobile RapidMap

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Survey Points and Data Grids - Rapid City area survey points and grids of the City and County data available for purchase  Launch survey points and data grids map application Click here to launch the Survey Points and Data Grids site

Mobile Survey Point Site

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Voting districts - City wards, precincts, polling places, school, county commission, and state legislative districts in Pennington County

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Parks and Recreation - parks, faciltities, and trails for cities and Pennington County. Trails outside of Rapid City are located in the Black Hills National Forest.  Trails on M Hill are on public land and the private Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park. Launch parks and recreation maps (not yet available) Click here to launch the Parks and Recreation site


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